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Our Premise

Being ready for a technology driven Africa requires massive manpower development. Their is a need to have the human capital to train a huge population in over 1,000 ICT courses.


Affirm your skills.

Researching and preparing to deliver a training strengthens your subject matter knowledge and affirms your skills.

Earn money while instructing

As a certified instructor, you will have opportunity to earn income while working as an IT instructor. Kick start your IT career today as an IT instructor


Resources to succeed

While preparing for certification, participants have access to mentors, study rooms ( with instructional equipment )

Support for Entrepreneurs

We provide training rooms for rent, virtual office space, and business mentorship for certified instructors desiring to become entrepreneurs.

How to Become a Certified Instructor

01. Interviews

We interview candidates to ensure they have good communication skills. We assess you for both the technical knowledge and practical work experience necessary to teach the course.
Participants who lack technical knowledge will have to go through course training.

02. Train-the-Trainer

All candidates then go through Train-the-Trainer program.
The result of evaluations of instructor mock teaching is used to constantly develop/improve instructors teaching skills and subject matter expertise.
To graduate, they must deliver multiple course presentations and receive above 70 percent on evaluations.

03. Smart Instructors

The result is certified Smart Instructors, with strong knowledge of the subject matter, excellent presentation and communication skills, and ability to explain subject topics clearly and patiently to students of varying levels of proficiency.

When You Certify, You Build Confidence in Your Self and Assure our Employer Partners on Your Mastery of Required Skills

About Us

El Academy assist individuals build career in Information Technology

We groom them to posses world class Tech skills, giving them great opportunity to secure high value Tech jobs across the Globe.

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Gaduwa District. Abuja
Phone: +234 902 232 6710
Email: support@elacademy.org.ng